Why do I need to register to take classes?
All of our courses will be eligible for certificates and PDH credits, we have to be able to prove that you took the course. When you register, you create your own account that tracks your course completions, certificates and PDH credits. We will remember where you left off last time you were here, so you don’t have to start again. Registrants will also be notified of new classes, upcoming webinars, and new product introductions.

How do you prove I took the course?
Once you’ve reached the end of a course, you need to answer a few quiz questions correctly regarding the course content, before the course is considered complete. We retain the results of your quiz as proof you took the course.

Which classes are eligible for certificates or PDH credit?
Classes eligible for credit or certificates will be noted on the Course Index page. Not all classes are structured the same, you may need to complete more than one course for your certificate or PDH credit.

When do I receive my certificate and/or PDH credits?
Completions are audited and Certificates created manually by Titus University staff and sent to your registered email address (as a pdf) on a monthly basis.

Is my information secure?
Your registration information is held in a secured database. Your information will not be given away or sold outside of Titus or our authorized Titus representatives. Your local Titus Rep will be notified of your registration, and asked to validate and approve your registration before certificates or credits will be issued. Click here to review our Privacy Policy.